Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

Why should you Invest in a Home Security System

house-alarm-systemNot sure if you should install a home security system? Let us face the facts. In 2010, approximately two million home burglaries occurred in the United States – 70% of which took place in residential homes. About $4.6 billion in property, with an average of $2,119 for every event of burglary, is claimed to be lost. With these figures, investing in the best home surveillance system is essential in keeping you and your family safe.

A home security system, which usually consists of a home camera system and house alarm systems, is needed to protect you and your family as well as your properties. Enumerated herein are the various reasons why you must invest in a home security system.

Top Reasons for Home Security

  1. Deter the occurrence of crimes. Investing in the best home security camera system helps in keeping burglars and any unwanted persons at bay. Anything that gives difficulty in access – locks, bars on windows, and home security systems – act as deterrent for entry. According to the Home Safety Fast Facts, a report by the Electronic Security Association, 9 out of 10 burglars avoid accessing homes equipped with alarm systems. Unwanted visitors, thieves and burglars, would always make homes that are easier to access as their targets. Making your home protected with home security systems would more likely to prevent break-ins.
  2. Detection of smoke and fire. Installing a home security camera could preserve you and your family’s welfare. In addition, it could also protect your properties and your home from burglary. Many security systems also help protect your home from smoke and fire. Having a home security system that has additional feature of smoke and fire detection is extremely important. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, an average of 371,700 fires has been reported in the United States from the years 2006 to 2010. These fires could result to a lot of damage – deaths, injuries, and property loss.
  3. Avail discount on home insurance. Not only that installing home cctv systems could deter crimes and fires, it could also help in lowering the fees on the home insurance. Some insurance companies could give you as much as 15% to 20% discount if a home security system – sprinkler system, fire and burglar alarm, or other monitoring stations – is installed in your house. When a house is equipped with a best home security camera system, it is less likely that thieves and burglars will gain access to the house. As such, there will be lesser chance that the home insurance will have to cover any losses.
  4. Provide 24/7 remote home monitoring. Nowadays, home security systems feature an application that could be used to provide alerts and notifications regarding the activities in your home. Whether via text messaging or e-mail, you are fully aware and updated of any activities that are happening in your home at any time of the day. Some home security systems could also let you watch live video feeds from your home. These alerts and notifications are completely customizable. Thus, you could limit the incidence of the alerts.
  5. Quick response to emergencies. Having an installed home security system could help children and old people get medical attention in the event of an emergency. A wireless transmitter that triggers the home security system could help people with health problems to get quick response in cases of emergencies. In the case of emergencies, emergency responders are immediately notified. Thus, faster response to emergencies is reinforced.